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Introducing the Dual-Use Readiness Model

We believe Dual-use is a Strategy not a Category.


The Dual-use Readiness Model offers a comprehensive approach to self-evaluate the progression of a dual-use strategy:


  1. Dual-use Readiness Levels – Customer, Funding and Technology Readiness: This segment enables the assessment of readiness in securing customers, funding and technological advancement. It features detailed stages, ranging from exploring a potential dual-use strategy to securing long-term funding and achieving technological milestones.

  2. Team Evaluation: Startups assess their team’s performance using a modified, subjective Founder and Advisor Net Promoter Score (NPS). This evaluation does not follow a linear scale, emphasizing the importance of individual assessments regarding the founders, team performance, and company culture.

  3. Other KPIs: This includes various metrics such as revenue generated, funding raised, proportions of dual-use funding, number of formal relationships with mission and commercial customers, mission user engagement, team growth and diversity, and comfort in navigating the government/mission sector.  For later-stage startups, additional assessments are provided for scalability and supply chain resilience, helping them gauge their business model’s capacity for increased sales without proportionally increasing costs, and the robustness of their supply chain. 

Our innovative Dual-Use Readiness Levels™️ system offers a strategic framework for startups and ventures navigating the complexities of both the commercial and mission markets. 

This model uniquely intertwines three critical dimensions of venture growth: Customer Readiness, Funding Readiness and Technology Readiness.

Customer Readiness: For both Mission and Commercial – progress through well-defined stages, from initial market hypothesis to achieving widespread customer adoption. Our model guides ventures in understanding market needs, establishing customer relationships, and scaling their customer base, aligning each step with the venture’s developmental phase.Funding Readiness: For both Mission and Commercial – parallel to customer development, navigate the intricate world of startup financing and procurement process. The model outlines a clear pathway from early-stage commercial funding exploration, through seed and Series A rounds, to later-stage investments, as well as the journey through government and defense non-dilutive funding.  It provides a strategic roadmap for securing necessary funds in alignment with the venture’s growth and market milestones.The Dual-Use Readiness Model serves as a beacon, ensuring that startups don’t just advance technologically, but also build robust dual-use market connections and secure the right funding at the right time. It’s an essential tool for any venture aiming for sustainable growth and success in today’s dynamic business landscape